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NUMERO 39, 11-17 ottobre 2010 

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Cerca fra i nostri servizi, usa parole italiane come ad es: "vino", "moda"... Appariranno  pagine con la cronaca dell'evento italiano in Uk che cercavi.


Set up by friends and run by family, Spaghetti House, the restaurant company which introduced true Italian home-cooked food to London in 1955, celebrated in style its 55th anniversary, with a huge party at its Westfield premises. Based on friendship, family and a love of truly Italian food, the Companyís history goes back to 1955, when Simone Lavarini and Lorenzo Fraquelli, having eagerly explored the restaurant scene, sharing a vision and a will to recreate the essence of the true Italian dining culture outside their home country, opened their first restaurant. Thus Spaghetti House was born at Goodge Street. In the ensuing years, successful Spaghetti House restaurants opened in many of Londonís most noted areas, from fashionable Knightsbridge to literary Bloomsbury. Today there are 11 Spaghetti House restaurants in landmark locations. The menu is still based on the key principles of genuine Italian cuisine, complemented by a notable selection of Italian wines. It showcases modern-rustic, unadulterated Italian dishes, classic specialties and home-made favourites. The ingredients are fresh, Italian and of the highest quality. The trademark pasta dishes and stone-baked pizze sit alongside many new regional, seasonal, meat and fish dishes, inspired by the Chefsí continuous research and recipe development. Simone Lavarini, now in his 80ís, still personally visits many of the restaurants every week. Luigi, Riccardo and Stefana - second generation of the Lavarini family - and all the very dedicated Staff at Spaghetti House, strive each day to bring to their clientele the best experience possible.



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