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NUMERO 8, 1-7 marzo 2010 

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Albert Houthuesen rivive Da Scalzo

Art Brasserie Esibizione curata da Richard Nathanson
La mostra resterà aperta fino al 27 marzo 2010

Albert Houthusen was born in Amsterdam but moved to London in 1912, following his artist-father's death at the hand of his demented wife. During the Twenties he worked at the Royal College of Art with Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Edward Burra, Ceri Richards and Cecil Collins. And thereafter in isolation. This is the first showing of Houthuesen's vibrantly distinctive and powerful Clown series, created between 1976 and 1978. The medium is Japanese felt pen, with frequent additions of gouache and watercolour. For Houthuesen the clown was a symbol inseparable in spirit from the artist and the poet. And many of his clowns are depicted as philosophers and saints. The artist's words on view are from conversations with Richard Nathanson, and are also to be found in the latter recently published work ‘Houthuesen biography - Walk To The Moon’.

Enzo Scalzo, direttore Art Brasserie


  Federico, Managing Director, Da Scalzo Art Brasserie, con Richard Nathanson, curatore della mostra ed amiche  


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